Life Changing Intercession

The thief comes to rob, kill, and destroy; but I have come that you would have life and life abundant. John 10:10


Dear friends of Come Rest,

  • Last Friday the Holy Spirit took me up into a life-changing experience of prayer intercession during the Paris attack by radical Islamic terrorists. He led me to see many things while calling me to declare His scriptures by His Spirit in His name.
  • Our God is an awesome God. His name is Jesus. I’m just beginning to gain a clue as to how powerful He is when we pray scripture out while resting under His Blood covering and leaning upon the guiding power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Lord is absolutely ablaze with lovingkindness for humanity. He wants to blaze forth through our prayers, worship, words, and actions. Very encouraging. Satan is absolutely heartless toward humanity and wants to use humans to enslave and destroy humans. Very sobering.
  • We who claim Jesus must actually start walking closely with Him. We must stop cooperating with the evil one by careless distractions & worldly compromise. All other world religions are false and tools of Satan. True Christianity is wholehearted worship, walking, & witness with Jesus as Lord.
  • Jesus is calling all true believers to come up higher into constant victory in Him. Real victory over terrorism and evil is not coming from the White House, but from Heaven. True born-again believers are to be His priests and witnesses. A true priest stands before Jesus in prayer on behalf of the world. A true witness stands before the world in testimony on behalf of Jesus.
  • It is time for believers to come up so His Church will wake up so more of the lost will be raised up. Join us.

Here we go!

Love and blessings
Dick and Kim