“Stay with Me through thick and thin; we’ll have a rompin’ good time.”

Dear friends,

I’m hearing Him say, “Stay with Me through thick and thin; we’ll have a rompin’ good time.” 

Stay with Me” is straight out of John 15. Please read it & meet with Him there.

If we abide with Him we will bear much fruit and be full of His Joy!

If we won’t stay, conversing face-to-face & walking side-by-side—we will be unfruitful & unhappy.

If we stay with Him, the Holy Spirit keeps us on His Highway of Holiness.

If we don’t stay, we allow ourselves to be led astray into unholy behavior, deception, & disaster.

Thick and thin” required Kim & I to do a little research & reflection. The phrase goes back to when England was covered with forests. It meant “through thicket and thin wood”. The journey forward is sometimes slow going & difficult, sometimes faster & easier. We felt Him lead us to Romans 5:1-5. Please read it & meet with Him there.

Christ is constantly offering us everything that really matters–salvation, peace with God, full access, hope of glory.

Therefore we can actually rejoice at tribulations because they produce perseverance in our lives which produces His character which produces hope—a confident trust in Christ as our beautiful future.

We’ll have a rompin’ good time!” We were led to John 10:1-10. Please read it & meet Him there.

He is always ready to give you life abundant in adventures on His Highway of Holiness–“a rompin’ good time!”

Through darker thicket, brighter thin wood, or sun-splashed meadows–it’s all worth it.

Because Holy Spirit will lead, fill, change you with Jesus’ love.

If you walk His way, He promises His everlasting best even in the temporary worst.

Why go it alone in any area of your life? Is it thick or thin right now?

Stay with Him. Do it for Him. Do it for yourself. Do it for the others around you who aren’t.

For them, even thin wood is unavigable, the meadows dark.

They need His truth with love through you.

Stop dreading your difficulties, start anticipating His advancement.

Staying with Him is victory upon victory through thick and thin.


Love and blessings,

Dick Speight


Awakening of Love

FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND   630-930PM

River of Life Church Fellowship Hall

3801 Blairs Ferry Rd

“Holy Spirit come rest upon us as we come rest in Jesus’ love,

so You will awaken the Bride!”

Wholehearted praise, prayer, teaching, testimonies!

Richard & Kim Speight & Greg Jenkins in oversight.

Jared Leversee and others leading worship music!


Register at the door. Freewill offering.



May 28        845-10 am Carol Blomberg teaching Come Up! Class at ROL

NO Covenant Groups

7-830 pm I 58 House Fellowship at Rehoboth

June 2        630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

June 16      630-930pm  CRM Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian Church in CR

June 21      9am-4pm  CRM Day Retreat @Rehoboth. Apply at jkadlec@imonmail.com

July 7         630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

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