Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

Dear Friends,

My memory verse this week is above. I invite you to memorize it, pray it, live it. Let Him speak to you through the whole chapter and you’ll be drenched in His truth and love. We continue to hear the Lord say about this summer, “Stay with Me through thicket & thin; we’ll have a romping good time.”

A main way to stay with Him is to continually call upon Him for help in all the little & big moments of your day. Often, what is little to us, is big to Him. Often what is big to us, is little to Him. So call upon Him in all of it. There is so much He wants to show you, so much help & wisdom for the asking. Call upon Him for help directly in prayer. Call upon Him for help through trusted men & women of God in your life.

Often we will not. Then we suffer needlessly for lack of information & transformation from Him. I have sometimes gone several days without simply saying, “Jesus help me do this.” When He’s just waiting. So I’m learning. How about you?

It’s like the elderly person who falls in the night & fearfully & needlessly struggles alone for hours into exhaustion—all the while having their lifeline emergency button around their neck or their phone well within reach. I’m not judging, I might do the same thing. But it is a clear picture of the human condition & why the Lord tells us to call upon Him. Some people wait to call upon the Lord as a last resort. Some never call upon Him.

But it’s not too late, until it’s too late. Until He returns, He is calling on everyone to return to Him. It’s not too late to finally get into the habit of abiding in Him–calling upon Him continually as our first resort–receiving His wisdom & power.

This is a year of victory upon victory, in which the Lord wants to help you get out of the habit of relying on yourself & get into the habit of calling upon Him. This is the year when you learn to go to Him with everything, because He is your everything! Begin this present moment.

Share His good news with others. Call upon Him for them. Help them learn with you to call upon Him themselves. Share & practice Jeremiah 33:3 with people. He’s presently waiting to show us so much we presently do not know.


Love and blessings,

Dick Speight