O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Tremble before Him, all the earth! Psalm 96:9

Dear friends,

I’ve memorized Psalm 96. Now begins the joy of declaring it & praying in light of each verse. I find declaring Psalm 96 a lightning rod for the Holiness of the Lord! I believe He wants me and friends of our ministry to try it with childlike faith this summer. You’ll find the atmosphere around you, and the attitude within you, RISING.

· Above is a memory verse. Try it. Release it into the spiritual realm over this troubled earth—as often as you go to media or your phone…and more!. Watch what happens immediately, eventually. Let me know. Let others know.

· I continue to hear Him say, “Simpler, deeper.” Worship & witness. The more you do both the more He overflows  you. When you don’t, He won’t. What are you allowing to stand between you & the beauty of His holiness?

· We have our third reprinting of Come Rest(2017)! Copies are $18 plus $4 ship. Our outreach discount is 10/$100 (plus $10 ship)if you give copies away to witness to strangers you meet or to care for weary people you know. The same pricing is for Real Fruit; or order a 5/5 combo.  Locals can pick up books by appointment & save shipping. Notify us in advance & I’ll pray over each book, sign, & write a scripture He lays on my heart.

· Please ask Him what He wants you to give or buy in support of our mission. We deeply appreciate it.

· Keep sending your prayer requests. We love praying for you!

· Join me in praying life and life abundant for Ric Lumbard, and his family, in Jesus’ name! He suffered a heart attack this past Tuesday and is hospitalized; very much still in need of prayer for recovery. Ric is a wonderful man of God in our city, who with his wife Christy, leads Wind and Fire Ministries. For updates on how to pray, please seek WFM Missions Base on Facebook. The Lord has touched so many lives throughRic and Christy. They now  now need the Lord’s touch through His people’s earnest fervent prayers. Thankyou.

Love and blessings,

Dick Speight

MUST APPLY BY JULY 15 atjkadlec@imonmail.com



Theme: “Come Rest in My Love”


Rehoboth House 2125 Bever Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA

Requirements: Pen, bible, notebook, your copy of our book COME REST,

and your wholehearted desire to come rest in Jesus!

Cost: Freewill Offering plus $18 for book which may be purchased at retreat

Space Limited– Lunch provided

Encourage Christian friends and family to apply.

Consider buying a $58 Retreat Gift Certificate for them!



Awakening of Love

FRIDAY, JULY 21st   630-930PM

Encounter Christian Church

2260 Edgewood NW CR

“Holy Spirit come rest upon us as we come rest in Jesus’ love,

so You will awaken love in the Bride!”

Wholehearted praise, prayer, teaching, testimonies!

Richard & Kim Speight & Greg Jenkins in oversight.

Jared Leversee and possible others sharing music!


Register at the door. Freewill offering.


July 16        845-10am Dick& Kim Speight teaching Come Up! Class at ROL

                   6-650pm  Men’s & Women’s Covenant Groups at Rehoboth

                   7-830pm   I 58 House Fellowship from 7-830pm at Rehoboth.

July 19        9am-4pm  CRM Day Retreat @Rehoboth. Apply atjkadlec@imonmail.com

July 21        630-930pm  CRM Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian in CR

Aug 4         630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

Aug 11       630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at home of Don & Chelsey McDill in CR

Aug 16-26  Speights’ Mission to Maine

Aug 18       630-930pm  CRM Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian Church in CR

Aug 30       9am-4pm  CRM Day Retreat @Rehoboth. Apply atjkadlec@imonmail.com

Sept  1       630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

Sept 9-10    9am-9pm  CRM Rehoboth Wellsprings Gathering at CR Sanctuary.

Sept 13-17  Speights’ Mission to NW Iowa

Sept 27        9am-4pm  CRM Day Retreat @McDills’. Apply at jkadlec@imonmail.com

Thank you so much for your prayer & financial support! You can send donations to our P.O. Box or now make donations and purchases through our website.

Richard F. Speight, Jr.

Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Come Rest Ministries

P.O. Box 11010

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52410



Speights Residence/Rehoboth

2125 Bever Ave. SE

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403