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Real Fruit

There is a famine of love, a severe lack of Jesus’ real fruit received and given. The world is in a feeding frenzy of fear. Real fruit comes only from deepening personal relationship with Jesus. You can not give what you are not receiving. Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Want real fruit in your Christian life? No matter what’s going on around you, Christ wants you to manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Richard Speight shows you how in REAL FRUIT- it’s the real deal! —John P. Kelly, Convening Apostle, ICA; Visionary

Only open these pages if you want your understanding of God to explode. Richard Speight shares truths from our Lord that stretch us. For the first time you may say, I’ve got it. Now, I’ve got to go share it. —Glenn Shields, CEO, 21st Century Strategic Forums, L.L.C.

I’m blessed by the simplicity of Richard Speights real life stories, transparent honesty, and practical insights to grasp the depth of Jesus real love. This is a must read for real followers of Christ. —Stephen Russell, Pastor, Jordans Grove Church

Come Rest

Come rest in My love! This is Jesus’ great invitation for this hour. We live in a fearful time of great shaking. We are weary from terrorism, gas prices, politics, immorality, natural disasters, stock markets, and wars. Jesus invites you to stop striving and begin thriving. Rest is not taking a break; it’s unbroken fellowship with Jesus, the most fruitful thing you can do. Real Christianity is learning to let Jesus love you and lead you. You will find Scriptures, stories, and principles to help you learn to rest in Jesus’ love as your lifestyle. Enjoy!

The lessons Pastor Speight shares in Come Rest are living realities, truths that he has personally experienced. Like the swallow, he has made his nest at God’s altar (Ps. 84:3). From his dwelling place in God’s presence, he urges the reader, ‘Come rest in the love of God.’ –Francis Frangipane, Author and Pastor

Richard Speight has detailed a biblical remedy for a chronic condition in the body of Christ. Epidemic levels of unbridled busyness have overtaken the spiritual rest of many people of God. Without the intervention of such a call to rest, we may find ourselves rich in schedules and programs but with our hearts in a desert of turmoil. We must take the medicine now, allow the peace of the Lord to renew our minds, and emerge deeply at rest in HIM. –Ric Lumbard, Director, Wind and Fire Ministries