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“Stay with Me, through thick and thin, and we will have a rompin’ good time!”

“Stay with Me, through thick and thin, and we will have a rompin’ good time!”

Our 6 person team has just returned from an awesome, fruitful 5 day mission to serve Revival Iowa in rural Palo Alto County. The Lord helped Greg Jenkins, Ed & Sharon Zilka, Miriam Bandfield, Kim and I all step deeper into His radiant fruitfulness. The Lord had us deliver and delve into the following word we have been carrying:

“Stay with Me, through thick and thin, and we will have a rompin’ good time!”

  1. “Stay with Me” comes straight from John 15 where He says, “Abide with Me.” So we asked them to meet with Him in John 15 as a renewal community after we left. I ask you to meet Him in John 15 this week. More importantly, abide—which means to dwell in, with, & upon Jesus. Ask Him to help you stay with Him no matter what throughout your day.
  2. Through thick and thin” in old English means “through thick forest & thin wood.” This connects w/Romans 5:1-5 for resting/fruitbearing in His perseverance, character, & hope. He’s working His purposes in your life even in everything tedious or threatening. So abide.
  3. We’ll have a rompin’ good time!” connects with John 10:10. Jesus wants you to know this week He came that you would have life abundant! It will all be worth it. So abide.
  4. Deliver and delve into this word with others in your sphere of influence! We’ll persevere as well!
  • You have a precious opportunity to join us for what may be our last Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian in Cedar Rapids. That wonderful congregation has allowed us to meet there on the third Friday of each month for over two years. However, they also share the ground with another congregation and the two congregations are making some scheduling changes for deeper fruitfulness. We are so grateful to Pastor Caleb Plumb and his troops for trusting and blessing us with this opportunity for so long.
  • We are pleased to announce that we will have an Awakening of Love on the third Friday of October at Bridgehaven Pregnancy Center. Many thanks to director Chelsey McDill!
  • You can still can apply for a special treat–joining us for our September day retreat at the McDills “house in the woods” here in CR. (See details below)They have twice our capacity. Don’t delay, and make sure you apply by this Saturday, Sept. 23rd. Slots are filling up! J
  • Kim is now busy preparing for her Fall Art Show Sept 28 & 30(see below). Come enjoy her art, conversation with us, treats, and the way she decorates Rehoboth for fall! Wow, am I a blessed man or what? JInvite friends and family. Shop for gift ideas. Who in your life needs more joy? Maybe even you.
  • We greatly anticipate arrival of our new grandchild in early to mid-October. Please pray for baby Spinden & Mama Emily, Daddy David, and big brothers Micah & Caleb! We will keep you posted!
  • Please pray for me as I am in the home stretch with this new book. I read excerpts to the crowd in NW Iowa and the Lord touched a lot of people deeply.
  • All friends of Come Rest are invited to greet Pastor Peter Mahoye Shandakwa and his wife and children who have finally arrived from Africa after many years of many prayers! Thank you Jesus! The joyous reception is from 130-430pm Saturday Sept 23rdat First Church of the Open Bible in Cedar Rapids.
  • Thank you for asking the Lord what He may want you to give financially for Come Rest. Some might consider the Come Rest 365 approach, increasing your giving by $1, 2, 3, or 10/day! We thank God for each seed you sow into this mission. May the Lord bless you richly!

Love and blessings,

Dick Speight





TO NW IOWA, SEPT. 13-17!!!  630pm NIGHTLY!!!

Theme: “Resting in Jesus’ Love, Bearing His Real Fruit”

Hosted by our CRM friends known as Revival Iowa(see Facebook) & Resting Rock Ministries;

Richard & Kimberly Speight will lead a CRM Team

(Ed & Sharon Zilka, Greg Jenkins, Miriam Bandfield)

to rural Palo Alto County for 5 NIGHTS of

Come Rest Ministries’ Awakening of Love Gatherings

in the large, beautiful rural home of Ken & Mavis Zweifel

5768  330th St. Fenton, IA   

Hosts Zweifels 515-320-2363

Or Mark & Janet Laddusaw 515-320-2601

Or Larry & Cindy Pederson 515-408-7185




Join Richard & Kimberly Speight



Theme: “Simpler & Deeper with Jesus”


Don & Chelsey McDill’s “home in the woods”

4020 Cottage Grove Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids

This is our first personal retreat at Don & Chelsey’s, who have become friends of Come Rest through our retreat ministry. They feel the Lord calling them to open their home occasionally for our events.

Dick Speight calls it the McDill’s “beautiful home of His love in the woods”.

Join us for another “first” for Come Rest Ministries!

Requirements: Pen, bible, notebook, your copy of our book COME REST,

and your wholehearted desire to come rest in Jesus!

Cost: Please bring your Freewill Offering plus $18 for our book which may be purchased at retreat

Space Limited– Lunch provided

Encourage Christian friends and family to apply. Consider buying a $58 Retreat Gift Certificate for them!







Come enjoy Kim’s original watercolors & prints in a

wide variety of styles presented throughout our main floor!

*Savor rich detail in her “Trees Clap Their Hands” collection—


Pin Oak”  & “Pin Oak Branch”

*Rejoice in her whimsical “Consider the Birds” collection!


*Revel in her playful “Like a Child” collection!

*Delight in colorful hills & cottages in her “Come Up” collection!

*Draw closer to Him in her “Worship” collection (painted during worship)!


*Let her tell you what He is doing lately in her life and art!

*Select just the right gift for someone you love, or yourself!

*Bring friends!

*Enjoy cider, coffee, & treats!

First Person Conversation

First Person Conversation

But thus says the Lord who created you O Jacob, and He who formed you O Israel; fear not, for I have redeemed you and have called you by your name. You are Mine.  Isaiah 43:1

Dear friends,

There are places in scripture when the Lord speaks directly in the first person. Awesome. Because there are times when we need to refocus on Him as our First Person. We need to remember who He is and what He has done—so we can be who He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do. I have just memorized this verse & am now using it as a conversation starter with the Lord in prayer.  I suggest you do the same. I believe this is a “now” word for the friends of Come Rest as we enter late summer 2017. Because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus over us, we have been engrafted into every promise He has made to Israel. Through Christ, everything He says to Israel has personal application. Let this verse sink completely to your core…and respond. Follow where He leads the conversation. Consider approaching Him with this prayer I’ve written based on Isaiah 43:1:

Lord, You created me out of nothing and formed me in my mother’s womb.

So I thank You!

Lord, I have acted like Jacob grasping and scheming and agonizing in my own striving. Yet, You mercifully and generously chose me and gave me a new identity and purpose. Like Jacob-become-Israel, I get to reflect Your light to others.

So I praise You!

            You tell me fear not. All things threatening me do not threaten You. I can face all things under Your Wings.

So I trust You!

You remind me You redeemed me. On the cross You became the Ransom for my sin. You bought me back and brought me back from the kingdom of darkness into Your marvelous  Kingdom of Light.

So I rest in You!

You remind me You called me by my name (declare your full name aloud).

So I call you God and Father; Lord and Brother; Holy Spirit and Helper.

You say I am Yours.

So I say You are Mine. So be it forever.

In this present moment, what do You want to say to me about specific matters?

(Write seeming scriptural thoughts coming to mind. Ponder, test w/counsel, & wisely apply as He gives peace)

In the unfolding moments to come, what do You want me to do in specific situations?

(Write seeming scriptural actions coming to mind. Ponder, test w/counsel, & lovingly act as He gives peace)


  • Our Maine mission is expanded in scope! Aug. 16-26 Th-Sat nights for Americans from several churches; the host Church of God; and African refugee church-“How to Rest in Jesus & Walk in Intimacy w/Him”; a special women’s session Sat. afternoon; prophetic prayer slots; & retreat at Applebys’ cottage.
  • Our NW Iowa mission, Sept. 13-17; 5 evenings & Sat/Sun afternoons “Resting in Jesus & Bearing the Real Fruit”
  • Our CR mission Sept. 9-10@The Sanctuary; in our 2 Day Rehoboth Wellsprings format.
  • Our 3rdreprint of Come Rest is $18 plus $4 ship! If you give them to witness to strangers; or to care for those you know—we give 10/$100 plus $10 ship. Just tell us. Same for Real Fruit. I’ll pray, sign, & put scripture He gives.   
  • My new book Come Up is coming together! Keep praying!
  • Keep sending us prayer requests. We love praying for you!

May the Lord bless you richly,

Dick Speight