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Blessed are the people who know the Festal shout; who walk, O Lord, in the light of Your face; who exult in Your name all the day; in Your righteousness they will be exalted.  Psalm 89:15-16

Blessed are the people who know the Festal shout; who walk, O Lord, in the light of Your face; who exult in Your name all the day; in Your righteousness they will be exalted. Psalm 89:15-16

Blessed are the people who know the Festal shout; who walk, O Lord, in the light of Your face; who exult in Your name all the day; in Your righteousness they will be exalted.  Psalm 89:15-16


Dear Friends,

The word “bless” means to “kneel”. The Lord knelt down to earth to live, die, and rise for us. The Lord kneels down to love and sustain us through the Holy Spirit. We bless the Lord by kneeling before Him and walking with Him. We bless one another by kneeling down in self-sacrificial words and deeds toward each other. When we kneel down and lift up His name, He lifts us up!


I memorized the verses above on last Friday and have been praying them back to the Lord frequently since then. That’s how you truly hide His word in your heart. Memorize, Pray, Live it.

Try it. Make it a holy, happy, habit with Him.


Look at the fourfold blessing outlined in this passage.

  1. We are rescued when we believe & confess the eternal festal shout, “Jesus Christ is Lord!”
  2. The Holy Spirit then helps us walk in the light of Jesus’ face.
  3. We stay before His face by enjoying & lifting up His name all day.
  4. As we lift Him up, He lifts us up.


This is how I’ve been praying through this verse. Try it.

“Lord I thank you for the eternal Festal shout, “Jesus Christ is Lord!” The first time I believed and shouted this, You saved me. Every time since then, when I shout that You are Christ the Lord, You rescue and remind me to stay before Your smiling face and walk with You. The way I stay before Your face is to enjoy Your name in my heart and enjoy speaking Your name and fame to others all day long, no matter how I feel. As I lift up Your Name, Your Holy Spirit lifts me up like on eagle’s wings! Thank you so much Jesus. You are My Everything!”


Love you all,

Dick Speight

“Stay with Me through thick and thin; we’ll have a rompin’ good time.”

“Stay with Me through thick and thin; we’ll have a rompin’ good time.”

Dear friends,

I’m hearing Him say, “Stay with Me through thick and thin; we’ll have a rompin’ good time.” 

Stay with Me” is straight out of John 15. Please read it & meet with Him there.

If we abide with Him we will bear much fruit and be full of His Joy!

If we won’t stay, conversing face-to-face & walking side-by-side—we will be unfruitful & unhappy.

If we stay with Him, the Holy Spirit keeps us on His Highway of Holiness.

If we don’t stay, we allow ourselves to be led astray into unholy behavior, deception, & disaster.

Thick and thin” required Kim & I to do a little research & reflection. The phrase goes back to when England was covered with forests. It meant “through thicket and thin wood”. The journey forward is sometimes slow going & difficult, sometimes faster & easier. We felt Him lead us to Romans 5:1-5. Please read it & meet with Him there.

Christ is constantly offering us everything that really matters–salvation, peace with God, full access, hope of glory.

Therefore we can actually rejoice at tribulations because they produce perseverance in our lives which produces His character which produces hope—a confident trust in Christ as our beautiful future.

We’ll have a rompin’ good time!” We were led to John 10:1-10. Please read it & meet Him there.

He is always ready to give you life abundant in adventures on His Highway of Holiness–“a rompin’ good time!”

Through darker thicket, brighter thin wood, or sun-splashed meadows–it’s all worth it.

Because Holy Spirit will lead, fill, change you with Jesus’ love.

If you walk His way, He promises His everlasting best even in the temporary worst.

Why go it alone in any area of your life? Is it thick or thin right now?

Stay with Him. Do it for Him. Do it for yourself. Do it for the others around you who aren’t.

For them, even thin wood is unavigable, the meadows dark.

They need His truth with love through you.

Stop dreading your difficulties, start anticipating His advancement.

Staying with Him is victory upon victory through thick and thin.


Love and blessings,

Dick Speight


Awakening of Love

FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND   630-930PM

River of Life Church Fellowship Hall

3801 Blairs Ferry Rd

“Holy Spirit come rest upon us as we come rest in Jesus’ love,

so You will awaken the Bride!”

Wholehearted praise, prayer, teaching, testimonies!

Richard & Kim Speight & Greg Jenkins in oversight.

Jared Leversee and others leading worship music!


Register at the door. Freewill offering.



May 28        845-10 am Carol Blomberg teaching Come Up! Class at ROL

NO Covenant Groups

7-830 pm I 58 House Fellowship at Rehoboth

June 2        630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

June 16      630-930pm  CRM Awakening of Love at Encounter Christian Church in CR

June 21      9am-4pm  CRM Day Retreat @Rehoboth. Apply at

July 7         630-930 CRM Awakening of Love at River of Life Church in CR

Thank you so much for your prayer & financial support! You can send  donations to our P.O. Box or now make donations through our website.

Dear Friends at Come Rest

Dear Friends at Come Rest

  • Testimonies keep coming. Come Rest prayer warriors have prayed for our brother-in-law David Yeager in Pella who has been struggling with abdominal cancer since last spring. He just reported yesterday he is cancer free! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Increase your abiding prayer. The Lord wants to bless your relatives!
  • Please agree with us in prayer for our CRM leader, Ed Zilka. He had a heart attack Monday & treated with blood thinner protocol. Tuesday doctors found 4 blockages. Ed must stay in hospital until the thinner is  out of his system. Bypass surgery is Sept. 27. We pray for miraculous healing to show up during these quiet days, confident if the miracle does not show, the Lord will show up as Great Physician for a supernaturally successful surgery! Amen. Ed, Sharon, and family are already testifying to the outpouring of His peace in their hearts & so much love & prayers from so many in the body of Christ! Hallelujah!
  • Join us in prayer for complete healing, strength, peace, and joy for Sylvia Brim, one of our Come Rest partners. She had knee replacement surgery last week and is recovering and rehabbing at Heritage Specialty Care Center 200 Clive Dr SW, with the wonderful help of her caregiver Liz Rhodes. If you would like to visit Sylvia please check ahead by text message first (319-310-2475)–or to see if she or Liz need help or errands in some other way. We agree in prayer for long fruitful life with supernatural mobility for our sister Sylvia!
  • What deep love & power He brought to a houseful of dear people at Day Retreat here at Rehoboth yesterday!What a way to launch toward Maine.
  • We are grateful for those have given gifts to help defray the expenses of our car trip & ask your prayers for protection & divine appointments to pray with & encourage many strangers along the way. We’ll be ministering to a Central African refugee church Sunday, then retreat at Barbara Appleby’s cottage for 9 days. The Lord has swiftly set up this trip in the last two weeks. We are stepping out in faith though the ministry’s finances are tight. We know this trip is Him. Come Rest Ministries stands at a crossroads. We sense His heart is giddy with anticipation for all that lies ahead. We hear Him saying, “Come ahead with Me. Press on. Enjoy Me & My upward call!”(Phil 3)  Please pray Kim & I will moment by moment obey the word from the Lord that is the basis of our third book I am in the home stretch of writing—“Come up. Do not settle for anything less than Me, and the life you have in Me. Learn from Me to abide with Me in the secret place of My heart in each precious moment of each precious day I give you.”
  • To our local friends, we leave you in the Lord’s hands. Come up & abide in Him like never before. The Holy Spirit is eager to help. Minister to & with one another like never before. Please show up in force at our home each Sunday night for I58 and Covenant Groups like usual. We are leaving the local oversight of CRM to Greg Jenkins(319-270-0973); assisted by Duane Mclean(319-899-0315) & George Mantor(319-721-9657). Please contact them with needs & questions.
  • We return Oct 7th for the big weekend with Awakening of Love at River on Friday & Rehoboth Wellsprings Gathering at CR Sanctuary 8th & 9th. The detailed schedule is printed below & attached.We won’t respond to emails, texts, or calls until Oct. 10th unless emergency or a ministry is wanting to schedule us to minister. We ask our locals to spread word of upcoming events personally & through email & social media. Thanks!
  • Our fall 3 Day Rehoboth Wellsprings Gathering at River of Life has just been set November 17-19! Spread word & make plans to attend what has become an extremely deep & refreshing “come and go” event! It will be timely for many to come up, rest, & abide in Him after the election.
  • I’m already hearing Him say for that 3 Day Event and for the Body of Christ after the election “Come up, labor to enter My Rest. Stay there by aggressively abiding in Me. Give me deep thanks in all things.” Please meditate on Revelation 4, Hebrews 4, John 15, and 1 Thessalonians 5. Abide in meditation. Avoid the media. The Lord’s counsel during the remainder of the election is abide in Him, let His words abide in you, and pray your desires as He gives them. (John 15:7)
  • Thanks so much for your friendship, prayer, and financial support!


We love you all!

Dick and Kim Speight