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I am like a green olive tree…

I am like a green olive tree…

I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. I will praise You forever, because You have done it; in the presence of Your saints I will wait on Your name, for it is good. Psalm 52: 8-9

Dear Friends,

     This has been my memory/prayer verse this week in the midst of our nation caught up in fear of the corona virus, fluctuating markets, and blasphemous rebellion before God–by those who call evil good. So many are advocating and celebrating lawlessness, perversion, and the shedding of innocent blood in abortion. And yet, the Lord is in control. Whatever is meant for harm from the enemy the Lord uses for the good of His children and a harvest of the lost. He is preparing His bride for His return.

     It’s so GOOD that the Holy Spirit first breathed Psalm 52 in David while he was in the midst of evil people lying, betraying, and slaughtering God’s people, all while trying to kill David—the Lord’s anointed. I encourage you to memorize vs 8 & 9. I ask you to pray the whole Psalm 52 aloud often in the future when you feel overwhelmed by fear or disgust at theapparent advance of evil. The Lord’s got this. Let Him have you afresh.

     The Lord is helping me prepare a word of counsel because there is so much more to say concerning what is coming. Ever since October 1, 2019, I have been working with the Lord concerning startling yet sound things He has confirmed to me and wants me to eventually say. I ask your prayers. I’m learning so much from Him that will be of the right help at the right time. For now, let me just say that the word “corona” means crown. Your best protection against lack, disease, suffering, persecution, death, and dying AND the fear of lack, disease, suffering, persecution, death, and dying–is the Lord.

     Yes, it is wise to wash your hands and refrain from touching your eyes and mouth as much as possible. Yes, it is wise to eat, drink, and exercise healthily. Yes, it is wise to prayerfully consider medical and homeopathic prevention and treatment. But put not your faith in these things. The true “Center for Disease Control” is His Throne Room. It’s ever more important to humble yourself before the Lord, cast down your crown before His throne, casting all your cares on Him. Come rest in His love. Come guard your heart, eyes, and ears from evil. Repent of any doublemindedness. Fill your eyes with His smiling face of grace because you are covered by His blood covenant. Feed on His word. Fill your mouth and ears with His praise. He will fill You afresh with His Spirit and Fire. Practice James 4 spiritual hygiene so you can become a James 5 fearless and effectual prayer warrior and witness in Christ!

     This is what Kim and I are hearing Him say to you and me this week, “STAY rooted in MY mercy, MY praise, MY household—in these times of evil and upheaval. STAY. STAND before ME. STAND with ME toward the world. Call upon MY Hand.”

    This is how Kim and I are praying concerning the corona virus, etc. I hope you’ll join me and share this with others. “Father, in the name of Jesus with the power of His precious blood, lift up Your Hand and take away the corona virus. As we wait upon You to move, help us stay like a green olive tree in Your Household, trusting in Your mercy, praising Your forever! You Have done it—died on the Cross, risen from the dead, ascended on High, ever interceding for us on Your throne from where You will return one day ushering in a new heaven and a new earth. Help us stay in the presence of Your saints as we wait on You. Help us stay standing before You, with You, for You–as your beloved children, royal priests, and anointed witnesses to this world You so love. Amen.

Also, local and national friends, make plans now to join us at our Bi-annual 3 Day Renewal Gathering April 23 to 25th here in Cedar Rapids! Wonderful teaching, worship, prayer, prayer, and fellowship! More details coming!

Love and blessings,

Dick Speight

Local and national friends remain willing and ready to race

Local and national friends remain willing and ready to race

Dear Friends,

For several months, the Holy Spirit keeps bringing 1 Kings 18 to mind. Each time we now declare, “We hear the sound of abundance of rain. We declare it over my household, the households of Come Rest, and all the households of the Body of Christ!” The Lord is giving us faith for declaring His unprecedented abundance—financially, relationally, and spiritually. Ask the Lord to do the same with you. Two weeks ago, I awoke to the words “Irish revival.” I went online and was immediately taken to the 1859 Ulster Revival. Check it out. Years of spiritual drought ended when four newly saved lay people began gathering and crying out to the Lord for Him to pour out His Spirit upon Ireland. Eventually, thousands of in-home prayer gatherings resulted in over 100,000 lost people saved, countless believers renewed. Kindness, praise, and generosity replaced hatred, cursing, and stinginess in daily discourse. The Irish revival spread to Scotland where 300,000 were saved; then to Great Britain producing unprecedented missionary zeal for the nations. Real revival has deep, lasting effects upon nations.

We need His awakening rains in America. That night the Lord made it clear to me that the recent “bomb cyclone” that visited and flooded the Midwest is a sign in the natural from Him precedingwhat He is bringing to America in the spiritual. The next morning as Kim and I were praying about a new Rehoboth house, she heard the Lord say to her heart, “REMAIN WILLING.”  Though He has shown we do not need a large property going forward, He wants us to remain willing to let our home be open for prayer in the coming revival–whatever He desires. A few days later, as we drove I-380 through Cedar Rapids, Kim happened to glance out at the exact moment to see a large neon scrolling sign read, “KIM, READY TO RACE?” Wow. When the abundance of rain finally hit, the hand of the Lord moved upon Elijah and he supernaturally outraced evil King Ahab’s chariot to Jezreel. During his life, Billy Graham once prophesied the next great revival of America would spring from the Methodists. He said to watch the Methodists. The Lord recently helped the United Methodists to officially stand for the His Word; faithfully opposing the ordination or marriage of those who practice homosexuality. In the context of 1 Kings 18, it’s like a small cloud the size of a man’s hand in the sky. Jesus said, “I only do what I see My Father doing. I only speak what I hear My Father saying.” He describes the lifestyle of rest—the Spirit-led life. Resting in the Lord is letting Him love us and lead us at His pace. Sometimes He sits. Sometimes He walks. Sometimes He runs. We declare the sound of the abundance of His rain for America. Join us. It’s coming. Everyday believers meeting night or day in one another’s homes beseeching Heaven for outpouring on Earth. His resounding praise and resplendent presence manifest in the churches. His renewing joy and restorative kindness manifest on the streets. Open your hearts, your mouths, your homes afresh. Remain willing; ready to race.


We continue format/cover work on our new book! Thanks for continued prayers! Keep sending your requests! Thank you!

We love and bless you all!

Dick & Kim Speight

Victory upon victory can come continually in three steps. Come to Me. Take My Yoke. Learn from Me.

Victory upon victory can come continually in three steps. Come to Me. Take My Yoke. Learn from Me.

Dear friends,

Victory upon victory can come continually in three steps. Come to Me. Take My Yoke. Learn from Me.

If you come weary and surrender your burdens to Jesus, He gives you rest from the enemy on the outside.

If you take His Yoke, surrender full control; learn from Him, surrender your full attention; you will find His Rest on the inside.

His Rest is victory.

No surrender, no victory.

The restful voice in you telling you to lovingly think, speak, & act in line w/Scripture—is the Holy Spirit.

The restless voice inside you telling you to selfishly think, speak, & act out of line w/Scripture–is you not surrendered.

The voice outside you telling you to turn away from Jesus’ face, restless & selfish—is the devil.

The only answer to intimidation by Satan is intimacy with Christ.

Victory upon victory requires ever deepening surrender.

Satan wants to intimidate you from boldly proclaiming the Gospel in your words and deeds.

Satan wants to lure you away from being deeply, quietly intimate with Christ.

Satan intimidates to tempt you to slightly close your heart to Jesus & shyly shut your mouth from witnessing for Him.

The Holy Spirit intimately works to help you fully open your heart to Jesus & boldly open your mouth full of His Good News.

The Holy Spirit is all powerful. Let Him be.

Surrender to Jesus, not the enemy. This is war.

No matter what you face, stay before Jesus’ face. Victory is always at hand…His.

Love and blessings,

Dick Speight